Battery Regeneration System

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  1. PRIME RPTS500 Battery Regenerator

    6V, 8V, 12V, 2V~96V for 2V group batteries (~1,000Ah): 50 SQmm cable kit (2.0meter) included RPT-S500/RPT-S600 (3-in-1, Regenerator, Charger & Power Supply modes all-in-one integrated, ~60A) - Mainly used for 2V bank/rack batteries such as the large-capacity batteries of Forklifts, Solar & UPS VRLA up to 1,000Ah for one regeneration. (A bestseller for the first evaluation on all 2V bank-connected batteries) RPT-S500 or RPT-S600 models are optimized for 2V bank/rack-connected batteries (24V~48V ~1,000Ah). RPT-D10K Discharger is a necessary machine along with RPT-S500/S600. The maximum AC power consumption: 4KWh / 220VAC AC Cable: over 30A.
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